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Octavio Paz - Mexican writer, poet, diplomat and public intellectual, winner of the Premio Cervantes and the Nobel Prize in Literature - built bridges among cultures, and especially among poets. His connections with Asia were considerable. Moved by the wisdom and lyrical thrust of Chinese poetry, he translated some 60 classical poems primarily from the Tang and Song dynasties. These are still considered the best translations of Chinese poems in Spanish, and among the best in any language. Paz also served as ambassador to India, and wrote lucidly on South Asia and its culture.

Desde means "from" and this anthology of original poetry from Hong Kong and beyond commemorates the centenary of the poet's birth and illustrates the continuing ability of Paz's poetry to inspire and stimulate across decades, cultures and oceans.

Editors Germán Muñoz, Juan José Morales and Tammy Ho Lai-Ming invite you to enjoy this unique volume of multicultural verse which is now available from such booksellers as Paddyfield, Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository.

Online excerpts: read the Editors' Introduction and the Afterword containing the poems selected to start the "conversation", as well as selections excerpted in the Asian Review of Books.

Other media: Henry Leung reviews the anthology in the Asian Review of Books; Lim Lee Ching reviews it for the Singapore Review of Books; listen to Juan José Morales on RTHK radio.

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