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Girls' Adventure Stories of Long Ago revisits hero-stories, both male and female, through characters from legend, folktale and television: Akkadian moon priestesses and Greek nymphs take their places alongside characters from Saturday morning cartoons and cult sci-fi classics. Taking as its inspiration Joseph Campbell's Hero With a Thousand Faces, this collection transports the reader through landscapes British, European and Asian; through stories ancient and modern. Myth and media collide in an evocation of love, loss and identity that presents the reader with a hero's journey viewed through a contemporary feminist lens.

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Viki Holmes is a widely anthologised and prize-winning British poet and performer who began her writing career in Cardiff, Wales as part of the Happy Demon poetry collective. She has been living and writing in Hong Kong since 2005. Her poetry has appeared in literary magazines and anthologies in four continents, and has been translated into Chinese, Arabic and Uzbek.