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Hong Kong has been through world wars, revolutions and colonial diasporas, welcomed people from all parts of China and all over the world. In such a mix, poets find a home that inspires and provokes in equal measure.

Hong Kong poetry in English has been very much a story of poets who go, come, return and sometimes are in several places at once. Yet in all this moving about, something of Hong Kong always remains even, or especially, when all other influences are peeled away. People who know Hong Kong will recognise it instantly.

EIGHT HONG KONG POETS is an anthology of contemporary Hong Kong poetry in English and includes selections from published works of both venerated elder statesmen of the form and acclaimed newcomers.

Now available from such booksellers as Paddyfield, Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository.

Poet Sarah Howe has just been named winner of the Sunday Times/Peters Fraser and Dunlop young writer of the year award.